Digging through old facebook, finding funny / cute things my kids have done and said

02 Mar
  • “LMAO *Weasley came out of his room from naptime and first thing he says when he comes in here is “Awww maann! *tries to snap*” LOL like Swiper from Dora the Explorer.” (when W was only a year and two months old)
  • Conversation between Weasley and Daddy when W was about a year and a half, maybe?:
       Daddy: “Weasley, eat your food.”
       Weasley: “No.”
       D: *Pointing at W while holding his coffee in other hand* “W, you really need to eat. Please, eat your food.”
       W: *Pointing at D* “No!”
       D: *Pointing again while holding coffee in other hand* “W! Eat your food!”
       W: *Pointing with each sentence* “No! Coffee! Drink you mouf!”
       D: *taken by surprise, laughs* “Okay, W, you win.”

    ^^ This is one of my very favorite things ever said. It was way too funny and surprising.

  • As I am cleaning the cat’s box, Weasley says to me “No, Mommy, don’t touch that! It has cat poop!” …No kidding.
  • About a month ago: Weasley: *shouting* “MOMMY! Go in kisshen! “Go in kisshen, make a sammish!” …..he will be quite a husband, eh? To be fair I was trying to take a nap on Malfoy’s bed, and I suppose I was not being the best doting mother. Lol. June cleaver, I am not.
  • A conversation between me and my 4year old: Mommy: “Weasley, mommy’s birthday is next week! Do you know how old mommy is going to be?”
    Weasley: “Do you want cake?”
    M: “Yes, but do you know how many years old Mommy is going to be?”
    W: “Five?”
    M: “*laughs* No, sweetie, I’m a lot older than five. Try again.”
    W: “Seventeen!”
    M: “LOL Don’t I wish.”

Weird, I KNOW Malfoy (2.5 years) says and does funny / cute stuff all the time. Damn, I’ll have to use my brain now.

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