Not that I think I really have readers yet, but…

22 Mar

I am very excited to announce that this blog will have a new home very soon! Husband Darling convinced me to pay for a domain. 🙂 LOL I guess we can figure out who the cheap-ass is (me). Hopefully this means I will be posting a lot more frequently (or like, at all – ahem). Nothing is set up yet, but it will be a lot simpler. Just take out the “.wordpress” in the middle of the address. I’m not leaving WP, I just want to make it easier to remember / type, etc. Yay! While you’re waiting for a new blog, why don’t you come visit me on my Facebook? I post there a little more frequently. Actually, I post a lot more frequently. Usually just stuff I don’t think is enough for a blog post, or if I just have no time to make a full post (due to the midgets stalking / demanding things of me) and I feel like talking about something random / relevant / irrelevant / TMI for my regular facebook, etc. <a href=””>Please Be Chocolate on FB</a> THANKS! 🙂

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