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Clothes? What are clothes?

So…my children are usually sans clothing. I really do try to put them in at least underwear, but these boys have other ideas about that….as well as anything else I think or do. UPS guy came to deliver a package today (lol), and Number Two decided to come see who I was talking to…..UPS Guy said, laughing, and possibly embarrassed, “He’s naked again, eh?” My response? *chuckling while shooing away the child*…yeah….what can I say?”

Hey, man, it’s really not my fault. I try, I really do…..well….usually. Well, sometimes, anyway. At least if we have company. Then they MUST at least have underwear on. They just hate clothes! If we force them against their little wills, they will just run into the other room, stripping on the way, and strut back out of the room naked as a bluejay, proud as can be. *sigh* Whatever. My question is, WHY do they have to be naked when they use the bathroom??? Really.

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